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3 in 1 Convertible Truck



Convertible hand trucks were first designed to suit  3 different needs in just 1  truck. Easily converted in any of the 3 positions with just 1 hand, they are available with different wheel configurations, and capacities. The truck is made with high thickness steel tubolars and frame . 

- 2 wheel hand truck: used in the upright position, the trolleys can carry up to 300 kg. It is the easiest way  to carry parcels with limited sizes and weight 
- 45° inclined truck: when inclined, the weight is mainly carried by the rear support. The operator can move heavier items without  effort and keep tham easily balanced avoiding the fall of the loads
- 4 wheel platform truck: when used as a platform truck the trolley has a capacity of 400 kg, ideal for bulky loads. The 2 swivel casters grant a smooth mobility. 

All the trucks are easily driven through their handles, made of atoxic rubber. Suitabile for domestic as well as industrial use, (in offices, warehouses and factories), this trcuk can carry boxes, panels, furnitures, domestic appliances.  

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